There are a number of ways in which you can support our efforts:

  • Volunteer your medical expertise: a. This can be done locally at KCMC or remotely. b. We have programs for visiting radiologists to KCMC 1. Provide lectures to the students 2. Provide educational input during film reading sessions 3. Teach staff and students interventional procedures
  • Remote efforts will focus on providing lectures
  • Volunteer your fund-raising talents a. Introduce EAMAF to new organizations b. Create fund raising activities

East Africa Medical Assistance Foundation offers an exciting opportunity volunteering with our medical staff at the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center. KCMC is a 500-bed teaching hospital at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro and the site of the only Radiology residency in the country.

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Visiting Radiologists 
What kind of visits are made?

Brief Visits
Some physicians stop at KCMC for a day or two in the midst of travels in east Africa to see the program and sometimes to see if they are interested in a longer visit at a later date.

 Visits of a Few Weeks
These visitors can become more acquainted with the department, and usually stress teaching while they are there. Formal didactic lecture or teaching sessions around a view box are welcomed.

Visits of One to Three Months 
Visitors staying this long have the opportunity to become more integrated into the department, and combine working and teaching.  However, for a visit of 3 months or less, it is usually not possible to get a Tanzanian license, and so all cases need to be formally signed by a Tanzanian Radiologist.

Visits of Three Months or More 
With visits of this length, it may be possible to get a Tanzanian medical license if the application is submitted well in advance of the visit. It is then possible to function as a full staff at KCMC.

Typical Day of a Visiting Radiologist  
Visiting radiologists cannot do final reads on studies, any more than a visiting Tanzanian Radiologist could do final reads at a hospital in the USA. If you are planning a visit of six months or longer, you may want to go through the process of getting a Tanzanian medical license. However, there is a lot of value you can add to the day at KCMC without getting a license.

The day typically starts with teaching rounds with the different hospital specialty services, and includes reading CT, plain film, and some mammography and fluoroscopy, but the residents spend a good portion of the day performing ultrasound exams. Visiting radiologists may bring prepared lectures or cases, review current cases with the residents, or spend time with the residents in Ultrasound. Sitting at the view box and analyzing a CXR or KUB with a resident is greatly appreciated. PowerPoint or slide presentations can be given.

 Job Duties:

  • Teaching Residents
  • Case review
  • Supervising Residents
  • Ultrasound and fluoroscopy procedures
  • Plain radiographs
  • CT


Whom Do I Contact? 
Contact the East Africa Medical Assistance Foundation email at office@eastafricafoundation.org. Please note your interest in volunteering and if possible, note the timeframe in which you would like to visit KCMC. We will check availability of volunteer opportunities.

Donations and Contributions

Please consider a donation to EAMAF!
There are many ways in which you can make a donation to EAMAF.

Donate Online
Our website offers a secure and easy way to make your donation, through Network for Good.

Donate by Mail
Please make checks payable to East Africa Medical Assistance Foundation.

Mail to:

Attn:  Rosemary Lobeck
PO Box 24475
Minneapolis, MN 55424

Phone Number: 952-929-9398

Email: office@eastafricafoundation.org

Contributions of Equipment
Medical Equipment Needs:
Ultrasound units
While we appreciate any attempts to help us in our efforts, it is important to realize that we can only use certain types of equipment and supplies. Radiographic equipment discontinued more than 10 years usually cannot be repaired in Africa.


Please call 612-213-2667.

Thanks for you contribution!