KCMC Radiologists

Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center Radiologists

The department currently has four staff radiologists, with Doctor Adnan Sadiq as head of the department and Dr. Clement Kalambo as head of the School of Radiology.

Dr. Adnan Sadiq (Head of Radiology)

I am a Consultant Radiologist working at KCMC and Moshi is my home town. I have been the head of radiology department at KCMC for the last 2 years. I studied the undergraduate MD program from 2005 to 2010 and postgraduate Masters of Medicine in Radiology from 2011 to 2015 at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University College.

Professor Helmut Diefenthal was my mentor during my masters training. His contributions to the Master’s program and AMO Radiology program have been paramount. Not only has he contributed towards teaching, mentoring and hands on practical training but also supporting the department with new equipment. He has donated several portable ultrasound units to previously graduated AMO Radiology students who wouldn’t have the access to a basic ultrasound machine in their rural health care centers.


Dr. Clement Frank Kalambo (Head of the Kilimanjaro School of Radiology)

Date of Birth: 27th November 1957, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Doctor of Medicine (MD) - Bulgaria, 1992

Master of Medicine in Diagnostic Radiology (MMed –Diagnostic Radiology) - Tumaini University, Moshi, Tanzania, 2002

Fellow in Medical Exposure Control – University of Helsinki, Finland, 2009

Consultant Radiologist in at the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre (KCMC) Moshi, Tanzania.

Lecturer and Clinical Skills Instructor in Diagnostic Radiology at the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University College (KCMCUCo), Moshi, Tanzania.

Postgraduate coordinator in Master of Medicine (Diagnostic Radiology) programme of the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University College (KCMCUCo), Moshi, Tanzania.

Principal, Kilimanjaro School of AMO Radiology, Moshi, Tanzania. 

Years at KCMC: 21 years.


Dr. Crispin Moshi 
Education History

    1. Primary education:
      Keni Aleni primary school; Rhombo Kilimanjaro, 1965 to 1972
    2. Secondary education:
      1. “O” level; Minaki secondary school; Pwani Region, 1973 to 1976
      2. “A” level; Mkwawa high school; Iringa Region, 1977 to 1978
    3. Medical Officer: Higher Medical Institute I.P. Pavlov in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 1983 to 1989
    4. Specialist Radiologist: KCMC College of Tumaini University; Moshi, Tanzania, 1999 to 2002

Years at KCMC:
1991 to 2007
2018 to date

Title: Consultant Radiologist

Specialty interest and training: As of now I am a retired officer, I am interested in general radiology.

Having known our late great mentor and teacher, Prof. Helmut Diefenthal, since 1991 and closely worked with him since 1998.  I can describe him as near 100% patient and teaching centered!  Once he came across a study which needed urgent attention, he would immediately drop everything (being teaching or working) and deliver the results to the attending physician personally.  Thereafter return to resume with duties.  He never refused to attend any patient whether they arrived early or late, as long as they were in the department needing assistance.  As for the teaching, unless there was a special excuse, he never missed the after work classes and evening film reading sessions.  One wondered when and for how long he was resting!

Thanks to his great wife mama Ro, who was tirelessly taking care of his life with food and rest, they were not his priorities!  She always was taking care of his well being.

Sorrowfully we have lost a great mentor, teacher, patient, and dedicated Prof.  The gap shall hardly be filled.

We remain to honor and acknowledge his dedication and contributions to humanity, while praying for his eternal peace in the eternal life.


Dr. Ester Lazaro

Primary education: Mulala primary school; ( Arusha 1988 to 1994

Secondary education:
“O” level; Kimunyaki Secondary School,: (Arusha  Region):1995 to 1998
“A” level; Tarime high school: (Iringa Region): 1999 to 2001
Medical Officer: KCM College of Tumaini, Tumaini University  2006 to 2011

Specialist Radiologist: University of  Nairobi  2013 to 2017

Years at KCMC:
2011 to 2013 senior house officer
2018 to date

Title: Radiologist

Specialty interests and training: Musculoskeletal radiology and Oncologic  imaging

Comment on Professor Helmut Diefenthal :
Having known our late great mentor and teacher Prof Helmut Diefenthal since 2006  and closely worked with him between 2011 and 2013 as intern and seniour house office in the department of the diagnostic radiology.

I can describe late Professor Helmut Diefenthal as patient and teaching centered. He will relay the critical findings about the patient to the to the referring clinician personally.

There after return to resume with duties. He had never refused to attend any patient coming early or late so long as he was in the department. As for the teaching unless there was a special excuse; he never missed after work classes and evening film reading.

One wondered when did he get time to rest. We appreciate  great wife Rotraut  Diefenthal  who was tirelessly taking care of his life as feeding and resting appeared out of his priorities!  She was always seen to take care of his well-being effectively.

Sorrowfully we have lost a great mentor; teacher and patient dedicated  Professor The gape shall hardly been filled. We remained to honor and acknowledge his dedications and contributions in the humanity while praying for his rest in peace in the eternal life