RAD-AID and East Africa Medical Assistance Foundation 

About RAD-AID International

RAD-AID International is a nonprofit (501c3) charitable organization with the mission of increasing and improving radiology and medical imaging for medically underserved regions. RAD-AID delivers radiology education and training through on-site, hands-on, and remote teaching of healthcare workers in low and middle-income countries (LMICs), as well as low-resource facilities in medically underserved communities of high-income countries. RAD-AID designs, builds, and implements healthcare infrastructure, imaging equipment, and radiology technology, integrated with clinical training, to accomplish vital radiology capacity-building. The organization consists of over 13,000 volunteers and 82 university-based medical center chapters and operates global health outreach programs in 38 countries across Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean.  As radiology is vital to most health services, such as cancer treatment, maternal-fetal monitoring, heart disease care, and trauma response, RAD-AID improves the accessibility, safety, and quality of radiology worldwide as an anchor for improving global health.

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About RAD-AID Tanzania

In 2015, RAD-AID partnered with its first hospital site within Tanzania, to help build a diagnostic radiology center. After performing a Radiology Readiness Assessment, multidisciplinary teams composed of volunteer radiologists, technologists, sonographers, nurses, and IT/PACS professionals were sent to support hospital staff with education, training, and infrastructure. After the successful partnership between RAD-AID and its first partner hospital, RAD-AID’s program grew to include Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre (KCMC) in Moshi, Tanzania. The RAD-AID Tanzania team has sent radiology professionals to assist with radiology imaging capacity, as well as provided remote educational support throughout 2020, sustained support to the radiology residency program, and is assisting with ultrasound program curriculum development.

Learn more about RAD-AID Tanzania at https://rad-aid.org/countries/africa/tanzania/

Contact: info@rad-aid.org

More information on RAD-AID Tanzania: A. Richardson arichardson@rad-aid.org